My New Workout Buddy

This may look like an ordinary chair but I assure you it isn’t.  It is one of the four chairs that sits out on our patio looking rather sad and lonely.  Instead of just sitting there waiting for a caboose to rest on it, it has become my workout buddy.

Finding time for myself to exercise is a bit of a challenge.  D likes to climb on me and pull my hair while I do yoga.  We go on walks but it has to be for the right amount of time otherwise he gets restless.  The other day while we were out playing in the yard, I looked at this uncomfortable wooden chair on the patio and an idea came to me.  I dragged it out into the yard and got to work.

After some arm dips, push-ups, lunges, and step-ups, my heart rate was up and I had actually worked up a bit of a sweat.  When I felt like I couldn’t do anymore, the chair looked at me with its wooden stare as if it was saying, “Is that all you’ve got?” It pushed me to discover more ways to use it.

It probably was only about 20 minutes which was enough time for D to stay entertained without needing me.  He actually seemed amused watching me.  We both got to enjoy some sunshine and some exercise.  A win-win for us both.

The lower half of my body was sore for the next two days.  The chair sits on the patio taunting me each time I look at it.  I can almost hear it yelling, “Are you ready for more?!” Now that I can walk properly again, I can look at that chair and say, “You bet your wooden seat I am!”

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