Sanity Saving Coffee Date

My friend invited me out for coffee on Friday, her treat.  The invitation felt like a life preserver being thrown to me just as my head was going under water.  I had been treading water after corralling my handful of a son all week.  Foot stomping, throwing himself on the floor, screaming…we have entered toddler tantrum territory.  “Disciplining” and trying to talk through emotions with a little human that doesn’t fully comprehend what you are saying is exhausting.  Needless to say, escaping to a coffee shop for a couple of hours sans little human sounded like a vacation.

As we entered the coffee shop I was greeted by a display case of mouth watering sweets and a menu board of delectable coffees.  After the week I had, I felt like I had walked into a dream and was waiting for someone to pinch me.  We placed our orders and settled in at a corner table out on the covered patio.  The spread before us was a feast for the eyes.  Our coffees, mine an “Almond Rocha” and hers an “Almond Joy”, were piled high with chocolate whipped cream.  We had also ordered two baked goods to share (an almond twist and a bar that was a mixture of chocolate and coconut).  A sigh of relief escaped my body.  I was only ten minutes from home but it felt like I was miles and miles away.

Coffee and Sweet Treats

We took our sweet time savoring each bite of our treats and each sip of coffee, not having to worry about tending to our little boys.  We talked and talked.  Oh, how good it felt to just sit and not have my attention split.  The air was warm but not too hot.  It was a quiet atmosphere considering how busy the coffee shop was.  I was in good company.  I could feel myself relax into the moment.

We sat there talking for two and a half hours.  When we got up to leave I felt ready to take on the week ahead.  My head was back in a good space and I felt like a person again.  A two and a half hour vacation to the coffee shop with my friend was what I needed to save my sanity.

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