Finding Exercise While Living in a Condo

Outdoor Exercise

Over the past month and a half I have developed an exercise routine and it feels great. With the sun still out and the rain at bay, I was able to jog out in the yard and do my strength training exercises while D played in the yard. Exercise doesn’t really feel like a chore anymore; it’s something I actually look forward to. I feel stronger, I’m more aware of my body, and I feel a renewed sense of self-confidence.

This past week my routine has been all wonky because we had to move suddenly and temporarily due to repairs that need to be done on our place. Luckily my parents have a recently vacated condo that we are able to live in until we can move back into our place. Now that we are finally done moving I am trying to get back into a rhythm. I’m having a hard time recalibrating my brain so it’s not stuck on the fact that we have no exercise equipment here and no yard to run in.

The condo is in the city so I have been walking with D in the stroller to the park and to the store. I purchased a deal for a gym that includes a one-month membership, two personal training sessions, and group classes. They have childcare so I think the group classes are going to be my saving grace. Other than that, I’m going to have to suck it up and dig out the jogging stroller from the garage at our place. I’m not a great runner so I’m a little self-conscious about jogging out on a public trail with a stroller that I’m not used to jogging with. I just have to tell myself to suck it up because the alternative is to keep slacking on my cardio.

I’ll feel better once I find my rhythm again. It’s out there; I know it.




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