My First Stroller Strides Class (Ow)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was gifted a coupon for a free week of classes at FIT4MOM (formally known as Stroller Strides). Today was my first class. I wasn’t too sure how the morning was going to go. D woke up a little before 5AM, went back to sleep at 8, and then I had to wake him up just before 9 to get him ready to go. Not an ideal start to the morning. We arrived at the mall that the Stroller Strides class was taking place at. The sky looked like it didn’t want to decide if it was going to rain or not, but we ended up doing class outside rather than under cover.¬†Before coming to class I was worried I wouldn’t get that great of a workout since I already exercise at home. I was wrong.

The class had a theme which was: Thankful. Each letter of the word stood for an exercise and during each exercise we had to name something that we were thankful for that started with that letter. Trying to think of something you are thankful for that starts with a certain letter while doing, say pushups, is not as easy as it sounds. It was amusing some of the things we came up with on the spot.

The instructor of the class was energetic, encouraging, and didn’t let any of us moms give less than our best. If a mom dropped down while holding the 60-second plank, she would add an extra 10 seconds on to our hold (thank you everybody for not dropping!). The class was go, go, go. We did spurts of cardio and strength training, working out every muscle group. As we ran up and down flights of stairs, I quickly realized going on a jog yesterday may not have been the best idea. At the end of class we cooled down with some stretches. My sore muscles were already feeling the effects of the workout.

The group of moms that were there for the class were wonderful and welcoming. Everyone was at a different fitness level which made me feel more comfortable. D didn’t complain at all the entire time. I occasionally gave him pieces of his fruit bar. Watching us moms workout seemed to keep him entertained, and the moms sang songs during a couple of the workouts. I have my next class scheduled for Saturday, and although my muscles are crying, I am super excited!

To find a local chapter of FIT4MOM near you and to find out more about the programs/services they offer, click here.

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