Stroller Ice Skating

I fondly remember taking ice skating lessons when I was a kid. I loved putting on my white ice skates with their soft pink blade covers, and I loved the white lace leotard my mom got me. I remember our class doing a routine to Day-O (you know – the song they lip sync to around the table in Beetlejuice). I was excited to see Stars on Ice and watch Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton glide across the rink. At one point I stopped ice skating and started going more infrequently until years had gone by without setting foot onto a rink. I went once in high school with some friends, and that was it – until today.

The owner of the Fit4Mom branch I am a part of organized an event for a group of us to go stroller ice skating at a rink they put up in the park during the winter. My memories of ice skating as a child came flooding back to me and I knew I had to go. I was excited to share the experience with D, even if he would be in the stroller.

Stepping foot onto the ice, I felt unsteady. The stroller helped me keep my balance as I tried to remember how to go forward and not fall. After a lap my muscle memory kicked in and my body remembered what to do. D and I glided around the rink somewhat effortlessly. He soaked in the sights and watched others as they skated. I could feel my inner child smiling and ice skating around to Day-O.

Stroller Ice Skating

After a good 40 minutes of skating we called it good. I hope we can go again this winter and start a tradition of going every year. I’m looking forward to the winter when D will be ready to put on his own skates and we can learn to glide together hand in hand.

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