Why I Love My Fitbit

A Fitbit has been on my wishlist for a while now. When I saw that they were releasing the Surge that comes with both a heart rate sensor and GPS, I just about drooled. But the price tag put a damper on my dreams of ever owning one. Fast forward to two days ago when my husband got home from work to reveal that he has bought himself a Fitbit Surge in hopes to motivate himself to get back in shape. I held the box in my hands admiring it.

“Oh. You got the one I wanted,” I said, trying not to sound disappointed that I didn’t get one.

“I got you one, too,” he said, as he pulled a second one out of the bag.

I was so awestruck by the fact that I was holding my very own Fitbit that I didn’t care about the money my husband had just dropped to get them. We read the instructions and put them on. I noticed it’s a little bulky for my small wrist, but I suppose that’s the tradeoff for having a touchscreen watch.

That night it monitored my sleep. In the morning it declared that my sleep was 97% efficient, even though I was restless 11 times. “Why am I still tired, Fitbit? Why,” I asked, but it did not answer. I was ready to put my Fitbit to the test since I had Stroller Strides that morning. I set it to Circuit Training and it timed my workout while keeping track of my steps, floors climbed, my heart rate zones, and calories burned. It even put all of the data into charts for me to look at online.

Yesterday I tried out the GPS function on my run. It tracked all of the above in addition to my pace, elevation, and miles. It was great to be able to glance at my watch to see my mileage and pace. This feature will be wonderful to have for when I start Running Club to train for my half marathon.

Other things I love about my Fitbit:

  • You can do challenges with friends. I have been doing a daily challenge with my husband and mother-in-law which has been fun. We can cheer each other on and help keep each other motivated.
  • It syncs up with MyFitnessPal which is great because I like using the MyFitnessPal app to log my food.
  • It receives text messages from your phone and lets you know when someone is calling. I love this because I don’t have to keep my phone on me which makes me less likely to do other things, like browse the Internet and Facebook.

Most of all, I love that the Fitbit motivates me to keep moving throughout the day. Normally I do my workout and then take it easy the rest of the day. Instead, today after Stroller Strides I walked a lap around the mall and walked up the parking garage ramps instead of taking the elevator. I was only halfway through my 10,000 steps by the time I got home, so this afternoon my Fitbit motivated me to do some cleaning. Yes, you read that right. Why take it easy when I can get some steps in cleaning? I also ran around the house with D which racked up some steps. After all that, I ended the day exceeding my goal.

So there you have it. After just two days I’m in love with my Fitbit. It’s my little cheerleader that I carry around on my wrist. It certainly works for me.

Happy New Year and Setting Goals

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I took a little hiatus to focus on other projects and to spend time with my family. I love Christmas, but I will admit that there is a part of me that is relieved to see the holidays come to a close. It’s time to reset and refocus.

I listened to an episode of a podcast last week that really helped me with setting goals for the new year. I didn’t want to say, “This is my goal and I am going to do it!” It just didn’t seem like enough. We all have experienced the high of starting out strong in January only to lose steam as the weeks go by. The podcast shined some light on this, explaining how we need to state our goal, write down the steps we will take to complete our goal, and also state when we will have our goal completed by. Check out the podcast here for the full notes, and also to download the goal setting worksheet at the bottom.

For me, having goals wasn’t enough. I wanted to have a mantra for 2015; something that would connect my three goals and bring everything together. My mantra is this: Be present. Be mindful. By being present and mindful, I will cultivate more patience, love, and kindness. I will be more aware of how I am feeling. I will be able to give my full attention to a task and to my family. Easier said than done, but my mantra will help me when I’m struggling.

I am of the mindset that setting a goal requires changing your state of mind. It takes more than a plan to achieve your goals. You must also remain positive and believe that you can accomplish them. Don’t give up if you slip up along the way. Pick yourself up and keep going. You may feel vulnerable at times, but that’s okay. Let yourself relax into that vulnerability and move forward.

Having a support system in place to back you up may be what you need. One of my goals for this year is to run a half marathon in May. I am signed up for a running club that begins at the end of the month. Having a group of women and friends to run with will help motivate me, keep me accountable, and will make the journey towards completing my goal more fun.

Whatever your intentions are for 2015, I wish you all the best. As always, I look forward to seeing what this year brings. Happy New Year!