Paying the Ferryman: Release Day!

Heidi Lane

Today is release day! What is Paying the Ferryman? It’s an anthology of 20 short stories that take place after the death of the main character and explores what happens in the afterlife. Death is just the beginning…

Paying the Ferryman is now available in both paperback and for Kindle. If you already bought it in paperback but want it for your Kindle as well, Kindle MatchBook gives the Kindle version to you for just 99 cents! Buy it now! Have a Nook? You can buy the Nook version right here.

Look for my story, “Eternity”, along with the other 19 fear-inducing stories. It’s the perfect book to cuddle up with on the nights leading up to Halloween. Or buy multiple copies and hand them out to your friends for Halloween or Samhain gifts.

And remember, if you like winning things you won’t want to miss out on the

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