Soul Art Day

Yesterday I took part in Soul Art Day – a guided journey to connect with your spirit through creativity and art. This was my first time hearing about Soul Art Day so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

I began my morning by working through the exercises from the Guided Soul Art Journey. I began my journey by setting an intention which ended up being “I am connected with my family and with nature”.

The last exercise before beginning my art was writing a story in two minutes using stream of consciousness. The story had to include the five words I had chosen from the exercise prior – the fifth word had to the title and the other four words had to be used within the story. The title of my story ended up being Connection and the four words I had to use were Soulful, Ethereal, Powerful, and Serene. The story I came up with was, “The powerful dragon stood atop the mountain looking over the serene forest that lay below. He felt the soulful warmth of the sun beaming down on him. He heard the sound of water rushing somewhere nearby, cascading in a waterfall that created an ethereal mist over the side of the mountain.”

The next step was creating art. The caveat was that I had to incorporate my story in some way, as well as use a body part (or parts) that I had traced in an exercise at the beginning. I had traced both of my feet together on poster board and used this as my template. I went the collage route and sifted through several magazines finding images within the pages that spoke to me. One thing that I find true with any creative outlet is that once I get started, the creative energy takes hold and flows through me and I have a hard time stepping away until I’m done.

Here is my finished piece:

soul art

Once I was finished, the next step was to answer some questions to gather insight about my art. I described my art as very nature-driven with all of the four elements (air, water, earth, fire) present. I felt that my art was interesting with little surprises.

The most powerful insight I received from my art was when I asked it, “What do you want to tell me?” I received the message: You are a magical being who is strong and capable of scaling mountains. Keep your feet grounded in the earth. Let your light glow from within and light up the world.

I then asked my art what it wanted to tell me about my intention. I received the message, “Nature is all around you. All you have to do is step outside and take notice.” Reflecting on my intention, I also received the insight that the only thing standing my way is myself.

If you are interested in learning more about Soul Art Day or creating your own Soul Art, click here. You do not have to have any artistic experience to create art. Just let your intuition guide you and you will be surprised what messages you unlock in the process.

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