Venturing into a Soul-Based Business


A couple of months ago I was listening to a teleclass called Birth Your Soul Based Business. This class unearthed a seed that had been buried within my soul for a long time. This seed began to take root and grow as I brainstormed ideas about the what and why of my business. By the end of the week I had several pages of notes in my hands and realized, “I’m actually going to do this.”

Charmed Intentions

With my husband’s support, I purchased supplies and began creating my products. In between creating, I researched how to take good product pictures, about search engine optimization (enough to make me not want to read anything about SEO again), created social media accounts for my shop, and a logo and business cards. That first month before opening my shop and the two weeks that followed were a lot of work. Once I got to the point where I was opening my shop,  I was excited but also slightly apprehensive. By announcing to the world that I had opened my own shop  where I sell charmed goods, I was also saying to the world, “This is who I am. This is what I love. This is what I’m passionate about.” But I discovered after sharing my shop with my friends and the world that it was very freeing and I didn’t care what people thought. To my surprise, everyone responded positively to my authenticity and were very supportive.

So what exactly is my business? Charmed Intentions is my Etsy shop where I sell charmed items that are programmed and charged (meaning I state the intention and let that energy infuse into them) to help people manifest their intentions and desires. I currently have charm bags and charm bottle necklaces for sale. I use a mixture of herbs and selected crystals that have properties associated with the given intention. I smudge (cleanse by running the items through burning sage) all of the materials and take care to assemble items according to the phase of the moon that will enhance the magic in them; they are then charged under the full or new moon. I love working with herbs and crystals so it is such a phenomenal feeling to use them to create products for others.

Courage Charm Bag

Courage Charm Bag

Divination Charm Bag

Divination Charm Bag

I have come a long way since opening my shop. That small seed from the beginning has blossomed into something beautiful. Through this process I have gained more self-confidence and more self-love simply by being open with others about an important, huge part of myself. I love thinking of new items to create, taking photos for my shop’s Instagram account, and sharing magic with others. I’m looking forward to seeing where my shop goes from here.

Charm Bottle NecklacesIf you’d like to learn more about my products, stop by Charmed Intentions! You can also follow my shop on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr for updates as well as magical tidbits.





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