Cord Cutting and Letting Go

A couple of months ago I was guided through the process of cord cutting – cutting the energetic cord that links us to another person or memory – after being plagued by a memory that had surfaced in a dream. These vague emotions attached to the memory had no space in my present life. After I had cut the cord with this memory, I was released from its hold and was able to let any lingering feelings attached to that memory fade away.

A month later I realized that I had a lot of cord cutting that needed to be done. While meditating, I gathered a whole room of people and memories that were energetically tethered to me. One by one, I asked each person’s permission to cut the cord that tied us together and listened for their answer. Only one or two were hesitant but agreed after something as simple as a hug. I could feel the cords dissolving away and finished the meditation feeling much lighter.

I thought after all of that energetic decluttering that I wouldn’t need to do anymore cord cutting for a while. However, last night I found myself in a dream with an acquaintance from long ago. We were sitting together on a brown leather ottoman bench seat by a window in a room filled with many people that I knew at that time. It resembled some sort of small-scale school reunion. She and I exchanged pleasantries and then she began telling me how much I hurt her all those years ago. As she was talking I realized that I had almost no recollection of the memories she was sharing with me. She confided in me that these memories still bothered her after all these years later.

In the dream I recognized that we needed to cut cords. We found ourselves standing in an empty space and I asked her if she would agree to cutting the cord, but she shook her head no, clutching to the cord that tied us together. I gave her a hug and said, “I’m sorry I was such an asshole. Do you forgive me?” After a moment she nodded and the cord fell from her hands. I cut the cord and as we watched it dissolve, the image of the dream faded away. I awoke this morning with a sense of healing and lightness, and I hope that this person from my past feels it as well.

IMG_1858 (1)

If you are interested in learning more about how to cut cords, there are many guided meditations and articles out there to help you do so. Many people will have a different style of cord cutting. For example, Doreen Virtue uses the assistance of Archangel Michael. Find a meditation that feels right for you and see what arises for you.

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