Blueberry Picking

D and I started a class last week that goes once a week on an outdoor excursion to explore and learn about nature. This week we went to a blueberry farm to do some blueberry picking. I somehow have never been blueberry picking before, so I was excited to share this new experience with D.

Blueberry Farm

The farm was open only to our class, so we were able to freely roam without worrying about bothering anyone. We investigated a marsh for cattails, caught a grasshopper, played on a hill of dirt, and, of course, picked (and ate) blueberries. While D was preoccupied eating blueberries straight from the bushes, I took my time admiring the details while collecting blueberries.

My first thought was about how much blueberries resemble little plump flowers. I suppose this makes sense knowing that they start out as flower buds. There were insects out blueberry picking as well. I found a yellow jacket snacking on some blueberries and later found a yellow ladybug doing the same. Some of the bushes had bindweed growing on them, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful weeds can be. Their flowers looked like white megaphones trumpeting about the brilliance of nature.

Yellow jacket blueberriesBindweed

D joined back up with me eventually in time to catch sight of a hawk circling low over head. We then made another discovery together – part of a jawbone from some animal! It was just laying in the dirt at the base of a blueberry bush. The teacher suspects that it belonged to a deer. D was quite pleased with the discovery.


Blueberry picking was a fun experience. It’s always nice to visit a local farm and to appreciate the care and love that has gone into tending the crops. However, the best part of today was being D’s explorer sidekick. I always notice more about my surroundings when I try to see through his eyes.