Dedicated To My Father

Dad and I

My dad has always been a very busy man.  He has owned and operated his small business since he was a teenager.  He tries to keep up on the lawn and even volunteers to come mow the lawn at our house.  He doesn’t mind doing housework.  He wakes up at the crack of dawn, and if he sits down for longer than a few minutes he drifts off to sleep.  All of this and he still finds the time to pursue his hobby.

My dad is always coming up with new projects and building new creations.  The sound of the buzzsaw and scattered sawdust fills my childhood memories.  I would “help” my dad as I watched his designs unfold from an idea to becoming a reality.  Even now he has not stopped.

Watching Grandpa

Most recently he built onto their deck and added on a slide and faux rock climbing wall so that the grandkids could have another place to play.  D and I were over on the day my dad had started on this new venture.  My heart smiled as I watched D watch my dad construct, just as I did when I was a child.

He may always be busy, but my dad lives life doing what he enjoys.  He is self-employed working a demanding job that he is fond of.  He throws himself into his hobbies to produce things that he and his family can appreciate.  He is a very selfless person in a lot of ways.  I hope this Father’s Day the couch plays a siren song so that my dad may put his feet up.  He deserves to take this day for himself.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.