Dating Our Significant Others

Before we had our son, my husband and I would go to see a movie and have a nice dinner without much thought.  Now it’s a different story.  Thankfully my parents don’t mind playing babysitter while we go out on a date, but it still means we have to work around their schedule and D’s schedule in order for us to go out on a date.  We think carefully about what we want to do on our date so we don’t squander those few precious hours without D.  We also savor those few hours and really soak them in whereas before we sort of took that time for granted.  Our once a month dates are something we not only look forward to, but something we need, both for ourselves and for our relationship.

Our date today was much needed.  After a rather stressful week we both were looking forward to some toddler-free time to just relax and be in each other’s company.  Instead of trying to decide what to do for our date, we kept it simple and just stayed home.  We dropped D off at my parents’ house, grabbed some lunch, a bottle of wine, dessert, and headed home.  Sipping on a glass of wine and eating a meal in peace is a luxury.  Having a sweet treat without having to sneakily eat it in order to avoid a toddler tantrum is Heavenly.  Being able to talk to my husband without D wanting to be a part of the conversation is rare.  Watching a movie on the couch without having to listen for D waking up is a relief.  No diaper changes, no whining, no wrangling.

Mini Mighty-O Donuts and wine

Mini Mighty-O Donuts and wine

But after a few hours of toddler-free time I begin to miss our little guy.  I miss his laughter, his insatiable curiosity, his wanting to hold my hand and walk me around the house.  I long to see that giant smile on his face that he gets when he sees me when we pick him up.

Even if you don’t have kids, work and life can certainly get in the way of your relationships.  Having some time set aside to reconnect with our significant others is crucial.