Lesson From My Spirit Guides

This morning I drew my 2-card spread (path/obstacle) from the The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck for the week. I drew Dragonfly for my path and Scorpion for my obstacle. I smiled as the Dragonfly appeared because in my 3-card spread (who I was/who I am/who I will be) on the New Moon, I drew Dragonfly for “who I will be”. The Dragonfly and Scorpion gave me the message that only through forgiveness and being honest with my feelings will I be able to see clearly and master my own mind. I placed the cards on my altar, as I usually do, so that I could reflect on them throughout the day.

Dragonfly and Scorpion

The funny thing with my spirit guides is that when they really want me to hear a message loud and clear, they will drive the point home. Today was one of those days. My son and I decided to spend the hot afternoon playing in the creek at my parents’ house. Within five minutes of being in the creek, a crawdad (or crayfish/crawfish) came walking up to me. A laugh erupted from my mouth and my son asked me, “What, Mama?” I bent down and picked up the crawdad and looked at him. My immediate thought upon seeing the crawdad was how he resembled a scorpion – he was at least the closest thing resembling a scorpion where we live in the world. I thanked him and placed him back in the water.


*No crawdads were harmed in the taking of these photos

Shortly after that my son and I got into a kayak and paddled up and down the creek. A large blue dragonfly became our companion while we were on the water. She darted above us, beside us, and even hovered in front of us. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


Once we were back on land we decided to grab some rocks from the floor of the creek to throw into the water. As I reached down, I noticed a smaller crawdad resting in shallow water where the creek brushed up against the earth. I haven’t seen any crawdads this year (and can’t recall seeing any last year), and now in the span of two hours I had two find me.


Let me say that I don’t think everything is a sign, but I know it’s a sign when my guides send me a message and then reiterate that message with a sign from nature (my guides are very nature-driven), or when I ask my guides to send me a specific kind of sign and they send me one. My intuition tells me that a sign is a sign.

At the end of the day after a trying evening I have come to understand the message. I must be honest with my feelings and forgive myself. Sometimes I allow myself to get sucked into having moments where I feel like a bad mom, a bad wife, a bad friend, etc. But I’m not. I am greater than the sum of these less-than-stellar moments. I must sit with the fact that I feel badly for how I reacted or behaved in a given situation, forgive myself, and then let it go. Breathe it away and enjoy the joy and magic that the Dragonfly brings.