Check Yourself: Being Called Out by the Tarot

I wanted to share my tarot reading I did this morning which ended up being a perfect example of being called out by the Tarot.

Let me begin by divulging a meditation I experienced the other day. During my meditation, I sat with my guide who had a fire going. He asked me to throw three scrolls into the fire. Each scroll had a word written on it – Judgement, Anger, and Self-Importance. I threw the scrolls into the fire and my guide gently reminded me to keep my ego in check.

For my reading this morning (as part of the #7daysoulfullifetarotchallenge) I asked, “What is my soul’s path right now?” I drew the King of Pentacles reversed, which has made an appearance a few times over the past few weeks. I then drew a couple two more cards to get a clearer picture – the King of Swords reversed and the Knight of Swords reversed. I then pulled from the Animal Spirit Deck the Crow as my path (which I also drew yesterday) and the Butterfly as my obstacle.

The Linestrider Tarot and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

The Linestrider Tarot and The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

The reversed Kings and Knight warn me to avoid a superior attitude, to watch my temper, and make decisions with a cool head. They also warn against being impulsive and arguing over injustices with a hot head. Sounds very much like my meditation, doesn’t it? The Crow tells me my path is to be spiritually strong, balanced, and have a clear psychic mind. The Butterfly tells me my obstacle is one of transformation. I must be patient and kind during this great transition without becoming fragile and frustrated.

I can imagine the look on my guide’s face resembles something like the smug I-told-you-so look on the Willy Wonka’s face – but in a more loving way. It is sometimes hard to keep my ego in check when my tarot reading is shining a spotlight on the more negative aspects of myself, but then I sigh and say, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Being called out your tarot cards is a very sobering experience and one you need to look at in a loving way. There’s no need to try to find only the positive and there’s also no need to get defensive. The great thing about the Tarot is that it offers you insight and then leaves it up to you to decide what to do with that insight. Will you continue on your current path or make the changes necessary to achieve a different outcome?

Lesson From My Spirit Guides

This morning I drew my 2-card spread (path/obstacle) from the The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck for the week. I drew Dragonfly for my path and Scorpion for my obstacle. I smiled as the Dragonfly appeared because in my 3-card spread (who I was/who I am/who I will be) on the New Moon, I drew Dragonfly for “who I will be”. The Dragonfly and Scorpion gave me the message that only through forgiveness and being honest with my feelings will I be able to see clearly and master my own mind. I placed the cards on my altar, as I usually do, so that I could reflect on them throughout the day.

Dragonfly and Scorpion

The funny thing with my spirit guides is that when they really want me to hear a message loud and clear, they will drive the point home. Today was one of those days. My son and I decided to spend the hot afternoon playing in the creek at my parents’ house. Within five minutes of being in the creek, a crawdad (or crayfish/crawfish) came walking up to me. A laugh erupted from my mouth and my son asked me, “What, Mama?” I bent down and picked up the crawdad and looked at him. My immediate thought upon seeing the crawdad was how he resembled a scorpion – he was at least the closest thing resembling a scorpion where we live in the world. I thanked him and placed him back in the water.


*No crawdads were harmed in the taking of these photos

Shortly after that my son and I got into a kayak and paddled up and down the creek. A large blue dragonfly became our companion while we were on the water. She darted above us, beside us, and even hovered in front of us. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


Once we were back on land we decided to grab some rocks from the floor of the creek to throw into the water. As I reached down, I noticed a smaller crawdad resting in shallow water where the creek brushed up against the earth. I haven’t seen any crawdads this year (and can’t recall seeing any last year), and now in the span of two hours I had two find me.


Let me say that I don’t think everything is a sign, but I know it’s a sign when my guides send me a message and then reiterate that message with a sign from nature (my guides are very nature-driven), or when I ask my guides to send me a specific kind of sign and they send me one. My intuition tells me that a sign is a sign.

At the end of the day after a trying evening I have come to understand the message. I must be honest with my feelings and forgive myself. Sometimes I allow myself to get sucked into having moments where I feel like a bad mom, a bad wife, a bad friend, etc. But I’m not. I am greater than the sum of these less-than-stellar moments. I must sit with the fact that I feel badly for how I reacted or behaved in a given situation, forgive myself, and then let it go. Breathe it away and enjoy the joy and magic that the Dragonfly brings.