Choose An Ideal Day

I recently received an e-newsletter asking me to think about what my ideal day would look like and what I could change to make my day as close to that ideal as possible.  Being unrealistic, I first thought about waking up in Spain and spending the day drinking wine, eating free tapas, taking a siesta, and watching the sunset on a beach in Grenada.  Or maybe I would wake up back in Thailand, riding our bicycles down to the small hut of a restaurant on the beach, enjoying vibrant authentic Thai dishes while gazing off towards the ocean.  How lovely that all sounds.  Then I pull my head back down from the clouds and start imagining a more realistic ideal day.

Surprisingly, I have woken up before D and feel rested.  I roll out my yoga mat and feel any residual grogginess melt away with each asana.  After peeking into D’s room and finding him still asleep, I take my time enjoying a long warm shower.  D finally wakes up once I am dressed and ready to take on the day.

We meet up with our mommy friends and their boys.  I savor some coffee, laughs, and stimulating conversations. It has decided to be sunny out today so we are able to lounge outside while the boys play.  D is wiped after our playdate so we head home for a nap. He waits to fall asleep until we are inside the house, avoiding the dreaded 10 minute rejuvenating car seat nap.

I decide to take a power nap and then take some quiet time to myself to journal, read, or watch one of my TV shows.  After a good long nap, D wakes up in a fantastic mood and I heat up a dinner that I have already prepared the day before.

His dad arrives home on time, maybe even early, from work with enough energy to play with D before bedtime.  D goes to sleep on time without waking back up (hallelujah).  My husband and I are able to cuddle on the couch, just the two of us, while we watch one of our shows (right now that would be either Orphan Black or MasterChef Australia).  I’m actually tired when it is time to go to bed and I fall asleep within moments of my head hitting the pillow.

Thinking about it, there isn’t a lot I could change to make my daily routine more like my ideal day.  I could set an alarm to wake up before D so I could do yoga and shower in peace, but I really like my sleep.  We do meet once a week with our mommy friends for a playdate since it is a sanity saver.  There are certain things out of my control, like the weather and D’s sleep.  Most importantly, I get to spend my days with my favorite little guy, and there’s not a day that goes by that I take that for granted.

It is gratifying to know that I am already doing what I can to make my day ideal.  There will always be housework and other responsibilities, but that’s life.  As long as I make the most of my day and focus on what matters most to me, it shall be very close to ideal.  Of course, I won’t complain if a beach, some wine, and free tapas were to sneak their way in.

What can you change in your life to achieve your ideal day?

On a bike ride along Mai Khao Beach in Thailand.

On a bike ride along Mai Khao Beach in Thailand