New Moon Calling

I love the way my body and mind buzzes with the energy of the new moon. Ideas and inspiration bubble to the surface and I tingle with creativity. I use the energy of new moons as a fresh start and a time to set new intentions. This new moon felt a little different as it approached. I realized that I wasn’t truly allowing myself to be open to receiving what the Universe was trying to send to me and I was letting fear get in the way of manifesting my intentions. Immediately after this aha moment, I made an affirmation and placed it in my sacred space so that I would remember to say it several times a day. I can already see the effects of opening myself up to receiving.

What intentions can you set during this new moon? What decisions can you make to move past any crossroads? Let go of any fear and make them happen.

Artwork by Elspeth McLean

Artwork by Elspeth McLean

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